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Cat Microchipping - How A Microchip Can Benefit Your Cat

What does it mean to microchip your cat?

It is the placement of a tiny computer chip that contains a number that when injected under the skin of your cat, that number can be retrieved using a microchip scanner.

Cherry Douglas, DVM
Village Square Veterinary Clinic

Why do veterinarians recommend cat microchipping?

We recommend it because it greatly increases the likelihood of a missing cat being returned to its owner, should it ever be lost and then found by someone else. Even indoor cats can escape out the door unnoticed. Without a microchip, they may be lost forever.

Is microchipping dangerous or painful for my cat?

Microchipping, if done correctly, is not dangerous. There may be some mild discomfort from the injection, but most cats barely notice it. Veterinarians often will implant the microchip during the cat's spay or neuter procedure in which case, they don't feel it at all.

How is a cat microchip used to identify my cat?

As I said earlier, there is a number that is identified when the chip is scanned. This number is unique for your cat. It is important, however, that the microchip is registered with a microchip company online for your information to be linked to that chip. There are several online companies that allow you to register your cat's microchip for little or no cost. If you don't register the chip, it is unlikely that your cat will be able to be returned to you, so this is a very important step.

Why does my cat need a microchip if they already have a collar with a tag?

Unfortunately, a lot of cats will lose their collar when they are lost. There's also the possibility that someone can remove the collar and claim the cat as their own without a microchip present.

Will my cat's microchip be able to tell my cat's location?

The answer is no. There is no GPS or location tracking device on the chip.

Who can scan my cat's microchip information?

All veterinary offices, shelters, and most rescue organizations have microchip scanners.

When will a cat microchip be scanned?

All rescues and shelters will scan every cat that comes into their facilities as they are usually found cats. Most veterinary offices will scan for a chip when they are presented with a new cat patient.

What if I forget or lose my cat's microchip information?

If you forget or lose your cat's microchip information, you can either call and ask your veterinarian's office for the information or take them to a veterinary office to be scanned. If you have registered your cat's microchip, you can also log into the site where you registered to retrieve the information as well.

What is the difference between a GPS and an RFID device?

A GPS device provides positioning, navigation, and timing – basically the location of the device. An RFID provides digital data only. It's a radio frequency identifier. If you have any questions regarding cat microchipping, give us a call. We're always here for you!

If you still have other questions and you'd like to reach out to us, you can call us directly at (561) 369-0061, you can email us, or you can reach out on social media. But please do reach out, and we'll get back to you as fast as we can.

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