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Wanda moved to Fl after getting her BS in Marine Biology in 1999 to work with manatee and sea turtle conservation. She returned to the Caribbean to work for the Caribbean Stranding Network and during that time, she started volunteering with animal rescues. Returning to Fl in 2007, Wanda joined the crew of the 2nd busiest spay & neuter clinic in Tampa Bay where she fell in love with Community Cat sterilization and colony management. Ever since, she found a new love with veterinary medicine & began seeking training as a veterinary technician. Wanda joined the Village Square Family in Feb 2020 the same week as her birthday and she always refers to this event as her “gift” to herself. Wanda is “mother” to several senior and special needs rescued cats and a 122 lbs Staffordshire Terrier cat-sitter dog. On her time off Wanda volunteers with non profit sterilization clinics, runs a spay-neuter statewide referral website,  manages social media for non profit animal welfare organizations, meditates and takes online courses.  Wanda’s favorite clients are senior pets, feisty toy dogs and all cats great and small.

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